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One day in the OR: when every second counts

Emergency medical team operating patient on operation table.
When emergency medical teams tend to patients with multiple severe injuries, there is no room for trial and error. Instead timing, reliability and precision are key – not just for doctors and nurses but also for the tools and supplies they rely on.
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Education will reduce the impact of NCDs

Portrait of confident doctors consulting patient in hospital
Wealthier countries are, unsurprisingly, more capable of tackling NCDs: a gold-standard healthcare service helps a lot. But there are ways lower-income countries can improve healthcare; both the industry and individual governments have roles to play.
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Happy Birthday HARTMANN!

“Happy Birthday HARTMANN!” Today, on March 1st, 200 years ago, Ludwig von Hartmann laid the cornerstone for the HARTMANN GROUP by founding a textile company.
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My parents didn't have an easy time during my school years

Stephan Schulz
HARTMANN CFO and Labour Relations Director Stephan Schulz opens up about his car racing days, steering clear of university, and putting HARTMANN’s next generation of leaders on the fast track to success.
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How breast cancer turned my life upside down

Cassandra Cerecedo
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Cassandra Cerecedo had an epiphany: without your health, nothing matters! This is her story.
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