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One day in the OR: when every second counts

Emergency medical team operating patient on operation table.
When emergency medical teams tend to patients with multiple severe injuries, there is no room for trial and error. Instead timing, reliability and precision are key – not just for doctors and nurses but also for the tools and supplies they rely on.
The Science Behind

Personalised medicine and standardisation taking healthcare to new levels

Female lab professional using pipette.
15% - 20% of people with chronic wounds don’t respond to standardised treatments. Personalised medical research can help.
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Why understanding a patient's background is essential

Woundcare expert Paul Chadwick explains why understanding a patient's background is essential.
The Science Behind

Is this the end of sexy?

Human hand touches computer hand"
In modern healthcare, is there a limit to the hype of technology?
The Science Behind

Compliance. It’s Complicated.

Handwashing procedure with soap
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