The Science Behind

Personalised medicine and standardisation taking healthcare to new levels

Female lab professional using pipette.
15% - 20% of people with chronic wounds don’t respond to standardised treatments. Personalised medical research can help.
The Science Behind

Why understanding a patient's background is essential

Woundcare expert Paul Chadwick explains why understanding a patient's background is essential.
The Science Behind

Is this the end of sexy?

Human hand touches computer hand"
In modern healthcare, is there a limit to the hype of technology?
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Education will reduce the impact of NCDs

Portrait of confident doctors consulting patient in hospital
Wealthier countries are, unsurprisingly, more capable of tackling NCDs: a gold-standard healthcare service helps a lot. But there are ways lower-income countries can improve healthcare; both the industry and individual governments have roles to play.
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“Don’t forget us,” she said. How could I?

Cristina Sansalvador with kids
Cristina Sansalvador from Spain immersed herself in a week-long volunteering project at health centres in rural Kenya. Here she shares her story.
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