The Science Behind

Compliance. It’s Complicated.

Handwashing procedure with soap
The Science Behind

Why the MediSets love their work

A female nurse talking to a patient holding her hand.
Which challenges does patient care face nowadays? We asked a team that tackles these challenges and helps nursing professionals to provide safe and efficient patient care every day.
The Science Behind

Is this the end of sexy?

Human hand touches computer hand"
In modern healthcare, is there a limit to the hype of technology?
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Education will reduce the impact of NCDs

Portrait of confident doctors consulting patient in hospital
Wealthier countries are, unsurprisingly, more capable of tackling NCDs: a gold-standard healthcare service helps a lot. But there are ways lower-income countries can improve healthcare; both the industry and individual governments have roles to play.
At the HART

Happy Birthday HARTMANN!

“Happy Birthday HARTMANN!” Today, on March 1st, 200 years ago, Ludwig von Hartmann laid the cornerstone for the HARTMANN GROUP by founding a textile company.
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