Peha-taft® classic powderfree

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Peha-taft classic powder-free is a surgical glove made of natural rubber latex. It ensures a comfortable fatigue-free fit, due to its fully anatomical shape. It is transparent for more safety. Apart from reliable quality, safety and good tactile sensitivity at a high grip, its simple design offers a reduced risk of allergic reactions due to the low protein content. With its polymer inner coating Peha-taft classic powder-free can be easily donned and it is recommended as an outer glove in combination with Peha-underglove latex. Peha-taft classic powder-free is a medical product in accordance with European Standard EN 455 and a Personal protective equipment in accordance with European Standard EN 374. It is suitable for use with cytostatics and chemicals. It reaches an AQL level of 0,65.

Peha-taft® classic powderfree

Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, sealed in pairs, ozone protected
Size 5,5
Article Number 9426444
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224022 4052199224039
Size 6,0
Article Number 9426454
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224053 4052199224060
Size 6,5
Article Number 9426464
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224084 4052199224091
Size 7,0
Article Number 9426474
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224114 4052199224121
Size 7,5
Article Number 9426484
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224145 4052199224152
Size 8,0
Article Number 9426494
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224176 4052199224183
Size 8,5
Article Number 9426504
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224206 4052199224213
Size 9,0
Article Number 9426514
1 Pack of 50 pairs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4052199224237 4052199224244

Suitable for all surgical procedures, particularly for operations with a high risk of perforation as an outer glove in double gloving (orthopaedics, traumatology, emergency surgery) or with high-risk patients.

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