HARTMANN Incontinence stage

HARTMANN’s practical approach to products and education

This year’s National Conference on Incontinence in Melbourne* is a truly multidisciplinary event, sure to appeal to clinicians from a variety of specialities.

This year’s National Conference on Incontinence in Melbourne* is a truly multidisciplinary event, sure to appeal to clinicians from a variety of specialities.

As one of the leaders in the field, HARTMANN Australia will be there to showcase its products and services.

For those who are looking for a practical take-away from their attendance at the conference, the experts at the HARTMANN stand will be there to explain and demonstrate the benefits of our new MoliCare Premium Super plus products.

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The HARTMANN stand will also feature a strong focus on education, backing up our research and development programs which have proved so vital for the health care sector. Visitors are invited to test our E-Learning portals, with courses specifically produced for health care providers and HARTMANN's industry-accredited Professional Development (PD) program.

The PD program offers a number of educational options including product in-servicing, face-to-face modules, fully accredited courses,* an E-Learning platform and Nursing Assistant Tailored Education.

HARTMANN's education modules aim to stretch the knowledge of staff and equip them with the know-how to deal with patients and residents on a more delicate level. Sessions are targeted at staff working in care roles and can be delivered at a venue of your choice in a tailored format that best suits your facility needs. 

HARTMANN also offers a program of 10 online courses, covering five aspects of wound management and incontinence, respectively. These courses are a cost-effective and time-efficient education system that limits the number of staff off the floor at any one time. 

Clinically proven, evidence-based treatments

The HARTMANN stand at the CFA conference will also feature our unique Moli continence products. 

These provide best-practice evidence-based continence and skin management, combining effective continence management and clinical skin protection to help prevent problems such as reddening, itching and incontinence-associated dermatitis 

HARTMANN's patented ‘curly fibre’ top layer provides a strong pH buffer, giving an ‘antibacterial effect’ to maintain the pH value of approximately 5.5 and supporting the skin's natural protection mechanisms. 

MoliCare Premium soft have breathable Air Active side panels for air and sweat to circulate, which allows moisture to escape and stops the Stratum Corneum from swelling.

Moli products are dermatologically tested and MoliCare Premium and MoliForm have all been clinically proven as hypoallergenic.

Hartmann’s practical approach to education*

The Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA), as Australia’s peak professional nursing organisation, has provided an endorsement and accreditation service to education providers.

This approach minimises the risk of courses or programs being developed in isolation from the wider nursing profession, and allows nurses to demonstrate professional development by accruing RCNA continuing nurse education (CNE) points 

HARTMANN Australia Pty Ltd is an authorised provider of endorsed courses according to the Royal College of Nursing, Australia. 

* NOTE: The 24th National Conference on Incontinence, presented by the Continence Foundation of Australia in association with the UroGynaecological Society of Australia, will be on at the Crown Casino, Melbourne, from 25 – to 28 November 2015. For more details, see: continence.org.au