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Risk Prevention

Customised Procedure Packs – individual solutions for operating theatres

Pre-packed, sterile packs of surgical products can make a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of OR procedures. 

Customised Procedure Packs (CPPs) are pre-selected, sterile packs containing single-use devices for surgical procedures.
They are a simple and efficient way of delivering surgical products from basic swabs, drapes, surgical blades and wound dressings, through to implants.
CPPs have been configured in close collaboration with healthcare providers and clinicians to ensure they deliver the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

What are the benefits of CPPs?

A close-up of a operation table with surgical instruments in an operation room; a doctor is standing behind the table.

When properly designed and managed, a strong CPP programme can bring efficiencies in many areas of healthcare organisations:

* Time saving and increased efficiency
Operating rooms and treatment rooms are valuable commodities and highly in demand. Therefore, it is important to minimise the time spent setting them up pre-procedure and cleaning them up afterwards. By avoiding the need to unwrap individual products and arrange them in the order they will be used, a higher number of surgeries can be completed in a given time. In fact The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals were able to increase the number of knee surgeries they carried out by 47% when they introduced CPPs. This time saving and increased efficiency is better for patients and improves their quality of care.

* Reduced administrative burden
Because orders are placed by the tray, rather than the individual components within them, there are fewer inventory management costs and documenting and ordering processes are simplified. The increased transparency of overall surgery costs also makes it easier for managers to analyse total surgery costs * Improving patient safety. The sterile trays improve aseptic control, leaving patients less exposed to healthcare-acquired infections.

* Reduced waste
By unwrapping one tray, rather than a number of individual items, there is less packaging waste. The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals calculated that CPPs eliminated one bag of rubbish per procedure.

CPPs benefit the overall level of safety in ORs by helping to establish a sense of shared routine, standardising procedures and eliminating the risk of intermediary steps being omitted.  

The HARTMANN Advantage:

The picture shows an operation table, where all surgical instruments are lined up. Two hands in sterile gloves are over the table, holding a piece of paper.


HARTMANN is a leading supplier of customised procedure packs to the Australian health care market and has a proven track record of providing quality products, expert service and innovative solutions to our customers. Our experience combined with our knowledge and desire to build a strong business partnership ensures that your HARTMANN experience is second to none. The HARTMANN solution offers five key points of differentiation from our competitors:


Transparent Pricing Models:

  • Best Value upfront pricing
  • Complete visibility of costs including components
  • No unexplainable price increases

True Customisation:

  • Your choice of vendor specific components
  • No unauthorised swap-outs
  • Access to our best value product range

Delivery and Logistics Solutions:

  • Tailored solutions including complete VMI service

CombiQuote (Proprietary iPad Software):

  • Quick and simple pack build and change
  • Instant pricing
  • Sign on glass approval and submission

CURe Program:

  • Regular pack optimisation program
  • Maximises efficiency and reduces waste
  • Ensures the most cost effective and efficient pack program

We are proud of our Australian based manufacturing, sales and support. 

To find your HARTMANN business manager, please contact Customer Care on 1800 805 839.