Menalind® professional care

Skin care products for aging skin over 70
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The Menalind professional care range has been developed specifically for aged skin to support its natural barrier by providing moisture. The rich water-in-oil emulsions form a protective film on the skin while providing effective and ongoing moisture. The body lotion and hand cream contain creatine to support the skin's natural protection mechanism.

Menalind® professional Body Lotion

Menalind professional body lotion is an intensively moisturising lotion suitable for irritated and very dry elderly skin. It provides rich and ongoing moisture to care for sensitive skin.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Body Lotion
12 x 500 ml
Article Number 9950190
1 Bottle of 500 ml 1 Box of 12 Bottles 4049500112789 4049500152860

Menalind® professional Hand Cream

Menalind professional hand cream offers intensive care for very dry hands and is suitable for carers as well as elderly irritated hands.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Hand Cream
12 x 200 ml
Article Number 9950200
1 Tube of 200 ml 1 Box of 12 Tubes 4049500112796 4049500152877

  • Contain panthenol to meet elderly skin's need for additional moisture and lipids.
  • Contain creatine to stimulate the energy metabolism of the skin and to reinforce its natural protection functions
  • Water in oil emulsion for a long lasting moisturising effect to prevent dry skin