Menalind® professional clean

Skin cleansing products for aging skin over 70
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The Menalind professional cleasing range has been specifically developed for efficient and mild cleansing of aged skin. All Menalind professional cleansing products are developed with the input of dermatologists and are buffered at pH 5.5 to protect and maintain the natural acid mantle of the skin. Nourishing ingredients of panthenol, chamomile and skin protecting creatine ensure that skin is cleaned and well cared for while the odour neutralisers keep the skin fresh.

Menalind® professional Moist Skin Care Tissues

Menalind professional moist skin care tissues quickly and gently cleanse areas affected by incontinence. The cleansing wipes are extra large and extra soft, suitable for irritated skin.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Article Number 9950382
1 Pack 1 Box of 12 Packs 4049500112970 4049500153058

Menalind® professional clean Skin Cleansing Foam

Menalind professional skin cleansing foam effectively and mildly cleanses areas affected by incontinence with the need for no water. It is suitable for faecal incontinence.
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Skin Cleansing Foam
12 x 400 ml
Article Number 9950161
1 Can of 400 ml 1 Box of 12 Cans 4049500112758 4049500152839

Menalind® professional Wash Gloves

The new Menalind professional impregnated wash gloves, with nourishing panthenol and Aloe Vera, offer a quick and gentle solution for whole body washing in bed. The gloves may be used at room temperature or heated in the microwave.
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Wash Gloves
192 (24 x 8 pcs)
Article Number 9950560
1 Bag of 8 pieces 1 Box of 24 Bags 4052199205038 4052199205045

Menalind® professional Wash Lotion

Menalind professional wash lotion is suitable for all over cleansing. It can be used in the shower or for bed bath use and helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.
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Wash Lotion
12 x 500 ml
Article Number 9950140
1 Bottle of 500 ml 1 Box of 12 Bottles 4049500112734 4049500152815

Menalind® professional Shampoo

Menalind professional shampoo ensures mild cleansing for hair and is suitable for dry sensitive scalps. It is gentle enough for everyday use while still offering thorough cleansing for infrequent hair washers.
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12 x 500 ml
Article Number 9950170
1 Bottle of 500 ml 1 Box of 12 Bottles 4049500112765 4049500152846

  • Clean skin thoroughly with their pH 5.5 skin-balanced formula
  • Help to preserve the acid protection mantle of the skin that acts as a barrier to infections
  • Minimise detergent use to help prevent detergent relate skin stress