Menalind® professional clean

Skin cleansing products for aging skin over 70
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With mild, oil-restoring substances for thorough and gentle cleansing of elderly skin; the range includes also special products for the cleansing of bedridden or incontinent patients in professional nursing care; all products are pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested.

Menalind® professional clean Skin Cleansing Foam

Cleansing foam spray containing creatine, which supports the skin ' s own protection mechanisms; odour-neutralising; to be used without water; easy to dispense and to apply to specific skin areas; enables easy removal of encrusted soiling, e.g. for patients with fecal incontinence
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Article Number 9950162
1 Can 1 Box of 12 Cans 4049500112758 4049500152839

Menalind® professional Wash Gloves

Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Article Number 9950561
1 Bag of Menalind professional Wash Gloves 1 Box of 24 Bags 4052199205038 4052199205045

All Menalind professional cleansing products have a skin-adjusted pH value, contain gentle detergents in a reduced concentration and are formulated to be completely rinsed off (with the exception of Menalind professional cleansing foam which provides mild cleansing without water).