Foliodrape® Arm covers

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Made of soft, three-layer material; with elastic knit cuffs; the double layer is firmly sewn on, with sealed sleeve seams and an elastic rim give a secure fit on the upper arm; impermeable to moisture and microorganisms; abrasion-resistant and low linting; well conformable.

Foliodrape® Arm Covers

Foliodrape® Arm Cover are made of soft, three-layer material which is breathable, impermeable to moisture and micro-organisms, abrasion-resistant and low linting. The elastic knit cuffs are firmly sewn in and the elastic rim provides secure fit on the upper arm.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually wrapped
50 cm
Article Number 2583307
1 Pack of 40 pcs 1 Box of 4 Packs 4049500305969 4049500909976

As a sterile cover for the sleeves of surgeons' gowns to avoid the risk of contamination in operations involving a lot of liquid.