Foliodrape® Fenestrated Drapes self-adhesive two parts

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The aperture diameter can be varied by overlapping the two adhesive pieces.

Foliodrape® Protect Fenestrated Drapes self-adhesive 2-parts

Foliodrape® Protect fenestrated drapes consist of a pleasantly soft non-woven top layer and a polyethylene foil lower layer which is impermeable to moisture and bacteria. They are also available with an adhesive area around the aperture or as a two-piece fenestrated drape to vary the aperture diameter.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually wrapped
75x90 cm, Ø variable
Article Number 2775101
1 Pack of 40 pieces 1 Box of 4 Packs 4049500562287 4049500562300
45x75 cm; Ø variable
Article Number 2775091
1 Pack of 65 pieces 1 Box of 4 Packs 4049500562249 4049500562263

For sterile draping of the patient and equipment during operations with moderate quantities of fluids, especially in outpatient settings.