Foliodrape® Neurosurgery Set

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The set contains all the items needed for draping the patient including a neurosurgery drape with incision foil placed on top of the fenestration and integrated fluid collection bag.

Foliodrape® Protect Plus Neurosurgery Set I reinforced new

The set contains all items needed for draping the patient including a neuro drape with incision film and fluid collection pouch.
  • 1 Reinforced table cover 140x190 cm
  • 1 Mayo stand cover, telescopic folding 80x145 cm
  • 4 Adhesive drape sheets 50x50 cm
  • 1 Neuro drape with incision foil and fluid collection pouch, reinforced 245x320 cm
  • 1 Adhesive tape 10x50 cm
  • 2 Velcros fastener 2x23 cm
  • 2 Cellulose towels
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile, individually wrapped
Article Number 9387412
1 Folding box of 5 sets 1 Box of 1 Folding box 4052199214887 4052199215471

As a sterile draping set in cranio-cerebral procedures in neurosurgery, e.g. in stereotactic brain operations, intracranial tumours as well as in closed or open craniocerebral injuries with intracranial haemorrhage, hydrocephalus and osteoplastic or osteoclastic trepanation.