Laparotomy sponges – prewashed and highly absorbent.
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The prewashed and hand-sewn Telasorb® laparotomy sponges feature a sewn-in Telatrast® X-ray detectable chip and a loop. They are symmetrically folded and stacked which makes it easier to handle and count them. The sterile Telasorb® laparotomy sponges are supplied in a double peel pack with double control cards. Also available as non-sterile version. Indicated dimensions before washing.

Telasorb® sterile

Double sterile packaging
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
4-ply, 20 threads, white
45x45 cm
Article Number 4535437
1 Folding box of 12x5 pcs 1 Box of 3 Folding boxes 4049500453325 4049500972949

For staunching bleeding and for wound treatment as well as for gripping and retaining organs and body tissue.