Hydrosorb® Gel

The clear, viscous gel from the dispenser syringe for moist wound treatment
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A clear and viscous gel whose components are water with an electrolytic composition and which provides a balanced, moist environment from the very beginning; Hydrosorb Gel softens and hydrates dry necrotic tissue, facilitates removal of devitalized tissue and absorbs wound exudate of slightly exuding wounds; can be washed away using sterile rinsing solution without disturbing the rest of the wound; available in dispenser syringes featuring measuring scales pointing in opposite directions to enable correct determination of the volume used to fill the wound and of the remaining volume; individually sealed.

Hydrosorb® Gel

Amorphous hydrogel available in dispenser syringes for moist wound treatment.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile, in syringes
8 g
Article Number 9008431
1 Folding box of 5 pieces 1 Box of 10 Folding boxes 4049500635950 4049500635974
15 g
Article Number 9008441
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 10 Folding boxes 4049500571609 4049500571616

For moist treatment in superficial and deep wounds with slight exudation, e.g. in leg ulcers, pressure sores as well as second-degree (grade 2b) burns; facilitates endogeneous debridement and removal of necrotic and devitalized tissue by softening and hydrating necrotic tissue; apply an approx. 5 mm thick layer of gel to the wound, cover the wound with a suitable secondary dressing.

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