Wound Management

We strive for more effective, cost efficient and less complex treatment solutions

Our innovative, sequential treatment concept HydroTherapy provides a new perspective on wound cleansing, debridement and healing.

We are going further to heal.

More effective treatments to reduce healing times - that has been our passion for 200 years.
Faster healing is the ultimate quality of life improvement for patients and simplicity is what matters to health care professionals. We provide solutions to free your time so that you can focus on your patients. Cost effectiveness is what matters to health care systems. We develop treatments that offer value.
Simple and effective.

With a comprehensive range of high performance, clinically proven products including the key brands Atrauman®, Cosmopor®, Hydrofilm® and Zetuvit®, HARTMANN is going further for healing in all stages of the wound treatment process and stands for established expertise and innovative products.
The HydroTherapy concept provides a new perspective on wound cleansing, debridement and healing. It is a sequential wound treatment programme using the Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWDTM) HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®, which optimises wound bed preparation and supports early granulation and epithelialisation.

A simple solution whatever the wound type.

Matthew Rees, National Sales Manager
"I work to create a positive culture, a culture that develops and embraces each individual, only then can we make a difference to clinicians and ultimately improve the lives of patients"
Karen Woosey, Marketing Director
"I am committed to providing products and solutions to Health Care Professionals that increase efficiencies and ultimately improve patients quality of life. I am committed to going further for health"
We are going further to develop innovative technologies
HARTMANN is the first to recognize the benefits of Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWDTM) in the treatment of wounds and the first to put this into practice. Our platform technology has been proven to clearly provide improved wound bed preparation and therefore a faster healing process.

AquaClear® Technology is a unique class of material which can be used in wound dressings and has been developed specifically to promote wound closure.
Together both technologies form the basis for our innovative and highly effective HydroTherapy.

At HARTMANN we are committed to using the knowledge we’ve acquired over the past 100 years to deliver innovations and improve outcomes in the fields of wound management - for healthcare professionals, health economists and patients.

Going further to develop products for faster and more efficient wound healing

Multiple wound dressing changes can cause practical and financial issues for healthcare professionals and discomfort and higher risk of complications for patients. HARTMANN’s innovative HydroTherapy treatment concept consists of just two wound dressings, HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®, used sequentialy can help wounds progress through cleansing, granulation and epithelialisation.

From Atrauman to Zetuvit, we've got wound care covered.