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Wound Management

We are going further to heal.

More effective treatments to reduce healing times - that has been our passion for 200 years.
Faster healing is the ultimate quality of life improvement for patients and simplicity is what matters to health care professionals. We provide solutions to free your time so that you can focus on your patients. Cost effectiveness is what matters to health care systems. We develop treatments that offer value.
Simple and effective.

With a comprehensive range of high performance, clinically proven products including the key brands Atrauman®, Cosmopor®, Hydrofilm® and Zetuvit®, HARTMANN is going further for healing in all stages of the wound treatment process and stands for established expertise and innovative products.

The HydroTherapy concept provides a new perspective on wound cleansing, debridement and healing. It is a sequential wound treatment programme using the Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWDTM) HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®, which optimises wound bed preparation and supports early granulation and epithelialisation1.

A simple solution whatever the wound type.


Continence Management

About one in five people over 40 are affected by bladder weakness or incontinence. There are treatments available, but nevertheless lots of people suffer as appropriate advice is often not given and the adequate remedies are often not known. Using absorbent continence care products means an enhanced quality of life and independence to people affected. With continence care products from HARTMANN, nursing staff and patients can be sure that they are using high quality disposable products customised to individual needs. Products provide secure leakage protection, protect skin from irritation, ensure high wearing comfort and are easy to use.

Skin Care

Skin health plays a central role in our general well-being. This applies especially to care-dependent elderly people, whose skin may be subject to particular stress due to continence and mobility issues. Dehydration leads to a loss in elasticity and the skin is no longer able to perform its natural protective functions properly. In order to avoid skin damage and maintain skin health, early preventive care and special protection is required. It is therefore advisable to put elderly skin care in professional hands as early as possible. In the development of the new Menalind® professional range, emphasis was placed on the practical application and synergy of protective and caring components. The result is a specially balanced and innovative system of vitalising creatine and moisturising panthenol. So Menalind® professional supports natural skin functions and maintains the health of elderly skin.