The efficient alternative to textile washing gloves
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An efficient alternative to textile wash mitts

Vala®Clean film

Disposable wash mitts made of soft embossed tissue with a laminated inner plastic layer; they provide additional protection for carers and are therefore particularly beneficial for washing patients with incontinence.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Disposable washing gloves
Article Number 9922430
1 Pack of 50 pcs 1 Box of 28 Packs 4049500300872 4049500902380

Vala®Clean roll

Disposable hand towels made of highly absorbent tissue, supplied in roll form; individually perforated and easy to tear off; 175 towels per roll; 22x30 cm.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Disposable hand towels
Article Number 9922512
1 Role 1 Box of 18 Roles 4049500300001 4049500913010

Vala®Clean disposable wash mitts and wipes are the alternative to textile ones and provide extra security within the care environment. The Vala® range enhances the personal hygiene and comfort both for the resident as well as the carer.