Zetuvit® Plus

Super absorbent wound dressing pad
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Zetuvit® Plus has a unique combination of absorption capacity, softness and cushioning1. A blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining super absorbent particles (SAP) mean that Zetuvit® Plus has excellent softness1, rapid absorption of wound exudate2 and high wearing comfort.

1. Data on file

2. Gray, D. (2010) Meeting the clinical challenges posed by highly exuding wounds. Internal publication.

Zetuvit® Plus

Zetuvit® Plus has a four layer composition; Hydrophobic outer non-woven to prevent sticking to the wound4; special green non-woven on the backside of the dressing, prevents fluid strike through (up to a certain degree) and aids correct dressing application; super absorbent core made of cellulose and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) and a thin non-woven fabric which uniformly distributes fluid. Soft and air-permeable1, Zetuvit® Plus conforms easily to body contours and has a high cushioning effect1.

4. Benbow, M and Setvens, J. (2010) Exudate infection and patient quality of life. British Journal of Nursing (Tissue viability Supplement) vol 19, no 20, 32-36.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually sealed
10x10 cm
Article Number 4137107
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 6 Folding boxes 4049500616706 4052199100982
sterile, individually sealed
10x20 cm
Article Number 4137117
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 6 Folding boxes 4049500616744 4049500616768
15x20 cm
Article Number 4137127
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 6 Folding boxes 4049500616782 4052199100999
20x25 cm
Article Number 4137137
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 6 Folding boxes 4049500616829 4052199221892
20x40 cm
Article Number 4137146
1 Folding box of 5 pieces 1 Box of 8 Folding boxes 4049500616867 4052199101002

For the treatment of superficial highly exuding acute and chronic wounds. Particularly suitable for treating surgical wounds, lymphatic wounds, leg ulcers and ulcerating tumours; Zetuvit® Plus is also suitable as a wound dressing applied under compression therapy3.

3. Kaspar, D. (2009) Dealing effectively with heavily exuding wounds, Zetuvit Plus tested in clinical practice. Internal Publication.