The foam dressing with the special hydrophilic foam structure.
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Foam dressing with polyurethane top layer permeable to water vapour; the strong capillary effect of the special hydrophilic pore structure enables a rapid transport of wound exudate and ensures a balanced moist wound environment; germs and cell debris are safely bound, even under compression; soft and smooth with good padding properties; available in different sizes and shapes.

PermaFoam® comfort

PermaFoam® has around the edges a hypoallergenic adhesive film for a fixation which is safe and impermeable to germs.
IM=internal dimensions
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile, individually sealed
15x15 cm (IM 10x10 cm)
Article Number 4094125
PIP Code 306 7923
1 Folding box of 5 pieces 1 Box of 6 Folding boxes 4049500255943 4049500255950

PermaFoam and PermaFoam comfort are used as wound dressings for medium to heavily ex-uding wounds. PermaFoam cavity is especially suitable for use on deeper wounds, PermaFoam tracheostomy for the care of tracheostomy cannulas and tubular applications.