Non-adherent primary contact wound dressing, impregnated with neutral triglycerides
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Non-medicated dressing made of hydrophobic, polyester mesh  with a 1mm pore size, smooth surface structure, impregnated with a neutral ointment.


The impregnated neutral ointment contains fatty acids which actively support lipid metabolism and thereby promote healing; without additives of vaseline or other paraffins2. Atrauman® is also permeable to exudate3, particularly soft and conformable and does not stick to the wound. Hypoallergenic and effective for up to seven days.

The ointment contains: Ester mixture of natural or vegetable fatty acids, bound as di- and triglycerides.

2. National Patient Safety Agency Rapid Response Report 4, 'Fire Hazard with paraffin based skin products on dressing and clothing' November 2007.

3. Thompson, G. L. Atrauman: A descriptive evaluation by historical review and by one specific case history. Heart of England Foundation Trust Birmingham Heartlands and Solihull Hospitals.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually sealed
5x5 cm
Article Number 4995108
PIP Code 369 7539
NSV Code EKA000
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 20 Folding boxes 4049500934237 4049500935289
7.5x10 cm
Article Number 4995136
PIP Code 369 7547
NSV Code EKA020
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 10 Folding boxes 4049500400374 4049500410236
7.5x10 cm
Article Number 4995537
PIP Code 281 3038
NSV Code EKA032
1 Folding box of 50 pieces 1 Box of 10 Folding boxes 4049500934251 4049500935302
individually sealed, in folding boxes
20 cm x 30 cm
Article Number 4995152
1 Folding box of 10 pieces 1 Box of 3 Folding boxes 4049500563802 4049500563819

For general wound treatment; especially to keep the wound surface and margin soft and supple1 e.g. for skin abrasion wounds or lacerations, burns and scalds, for use in plastic and cosmetic surgery, in nail extractions, and circumcision. Atrauman® may also be used for covering skin transplant donor and recipient sites and is suitable in dermatology, especially indicated in the treatment of patients with sensitive skin or those sensitive to certain medication.

1. Stephen-Haynes, J. (2009) The use of Atrauman non-adherent wound dressing in tissue viability. Journal of community nursing. 14, 29-30, 32-34.