The highly elastic net pants for holding incontinence pads securely in place
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Elasticated fixation pants; light, soft and permeable to air; with perma-elastic threads for stability; adapt well to the body contours without any constriction; with interwoven color strips for size identification; washable at 60 °C; available in different qualities.


Net pants made of open-work net fabric. To be used in conjunction with anatomically shaped incontinence pads. Washable up to 20 times at 60°C.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Size L (brown) waist/ hip measurements 50-120 cm
Article Number 9477212
1 Pack of 50 pieces 1 Box of 6 Packs 4049500303378 4049500901536
Size XL (green) waist/ hip measurements 100-160 cm
Article Number 9477262
1 Pack of 50 pieces 1 Box of 6 Packs 4049500303392 4049500901550

For safe, hygienic securing of incontinence pads of all types, suitable for bedridden and mobile patients.