Menalind® professional protect

Skin protection products for extremely irritated skin
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Special products with valuable ingredients for the protection of the skin in the genital area against aggressive substances in incontinence; tailored to the needs of aging skin, and specially designed for not inhibiting the absorption capacity of incontinence products; a skin protection oil spray completes the skin care product line; dermatologically tested.

Menalind® professional protect Skin Protection Cream

The cream consists of the valuable Nutriskin Protection Complex with rich natural almond oil, moisturizing amino acids, energy-producing creatine, and anti-inflammatory essential unsaturated fatty acids as well as zinc oxide. The cream provides a protective layer on the skin, which acts as a shield against irritation; it is odour-neutralizing and economical in use; the cream is applied very thinly and not rubbed into skin.
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Article Number 9950220
1 Tube of 200 ml 1 Box of 12 Tubes 4049500112819 4049500152891

Menalind® professional protect Skin Protection Oil Spray

Reliably protects extremely dry and sensitive skin, with nourishing panthenol and rich natural almond oil; odour-neutralising; it is simply sprayed onto the skin, making easy and uniform dispensing possible.
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Article Number 9950231
1 Can of 200 ml 1 Box of 12 Cans 4049500112826 4049500152907

The specially designed skin protection products of the Menalind protection range has been developed with regard to the specific needs of bedridden or incontinent person. The skin protection oil spray cares and protects against further dehydration. For protection of irritated skin in the genital area from harmful substances, the skin proctecion cream will be applied. For a reliable, long-lasting protection in the genital area against urine and feces, the skin protection foam will be applied. It builds a breathable, long lasting protective barrier in the genital area which lasts up to 6 hours. During this protection time, the skin can be even washed.