Foliodrape® Table Covers

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Made of polythene film with absorbent non-woven top layer, impermeable to moisture and micro-organisms; abrasion-resistant and low linting; well conformable; also available in a reinforced presentation with a stronger polythene film and a nonwoven absorbent area on the surface.

Foliodrape® Protect Table Covers

The Foliodrape® Protect table cover is made of soft, two-layer material.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile, individually wrapped
100x150 cm
Article Number 2502208
1 Pack of 28 pieces 1 Box of 2 Packs 4052199219684 4052199219691
150x200 cm
Article Number 2502244
1 Pack of 14 pieces 1 Box of 2 Packs 4052199219721 4052199219738

As a sterile cover for the instrument table or accessory table.