Foliodrape® Split Sheets

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Made of soft, two- or three-layer material; with reliably adhering adhesive area around the U-shaped cut for rapid and exact positioning at the incision site; impermeable to moisture and bacteria; abrasion-resistant and extremely low linting; highly conformable.

Foliodrape® Protect Plus Split Sheets

Made of soft, two-layer material with additional reinforcement zone to absorb the fluid precisely where it matters.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
Sterile, individually wrapped
150x240 cm
6.5x65 cm Slot size
Article Number 9388041
1 Pack of 15 pieces 1 Box of 1 Pack 4049500042468 4049500042482
225x280 cm; 10x95 cm slot size
Article Number 9388191
1 Folding box of 8 pieces 1 Box of 1 Folding box 4052199212265 4052199212272

For sterile draping of the patient in surgery of the extremities.