Foliodrape® Extremity Set III

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The set contains all the items needed for draping the patient including an extremity drape with a large elastic fenestration of 7x10 cm and integrated Velcro fastener as well as a stockinet.

Foliodrape® Protect Plus Extremity Set III

The set contains all items needed for draping the patient including an extra large reinforced extremity drape with larger elastic fenestration and integrated Velcro fastener for tubes and cable fixation and a stockinet.
  • 1 Reinforced table cover 140x190 cm
  • 1 Mayo stand cover, telescopic folding 80x145 cm
  • 1 Stockinet 25x80 cm
  • 1 Drape sheet 150x150 cm
  • 1 Extremity drape with elastic cuff and Velcro fastener, reinforced 245x320 cm
  • 2 Adhesive tapes 10x50 cm
  • 2 Cellulose towels
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile, individually wrapped
Article Number 9387182
1 Folding box of 5 sets 1 Box of 1 Folding box 4052199214191 4052199214207

As a sterile draping set in surgery of the extremities, e.g. knee operations or arthroscopic procedures.