Omni Spool plaster

A wide range of adhesive tapes for a variety of applications
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Hypoallergenic adhesive tapes made of different support materials; permeable to air and water vapour; adhere reliably, easy to tear off; can be removed easily and without leaving residues, radiolucent, temperature resistant and durable.


Made of white non-woven fabric, with synthetic adhesive in stripes; water repellent impregnated; it is extremely high permeable to air and water vapour, thus preventing skin maceration; very skin-friendly.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
On plastic spools, 5 m length, in plastic clip
2.5 cm
Article Number 9005512
1 Spool 1 Box of 240 Spools 4049500551397 4049500992459


Made of porous, transparent film with polyacrylate adhesive; dirt-repellent; can be torn easily lengthwise and widthwise; especially suitable for transparent securing of cannulas or tubes to make it possible to check fluid levels.
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
on plastic spool, 5 m length
2.5 cm x 5 m
Article Number 9004342
1 Folding box of 1 spool 1 Box of 240 Folding boxes 4049500247818 4049500248044

For all types of dressing fixations, for securing probes, cannulas, catheters or measuring instruments in patients with sensitive skin. Ensure that the skin is dry and clean before application.