The ideal tubular bandage for ointment and moisture treatment
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Permanently elastic tubular bandage; kind to the skin; made of a dense, silk-like fabric incorporated with elastane threads to ensure a perfect fit; easy to apply without additional fixation; no strike through of ointments, protecting any clothing worn over the bandage; woven-in colour stripes for size identification.

91 % viscose
5 % polyamide
4 % elastane


Product Information Article Number Content EAN
10 m length
Size 2
Article Number 9325711
1 Pack of 1 roll 1 Box of 24 Packs 4049500243124 4049500243131
Size 3
Article Number 9325721
1 Pack of 1 roll 1 Box of 18 Packs 4049500243148 4049500243155
Size 4
Article Number 9325731
1 Pack of 1 roll 1 Box of 18 Packs 4049500243162 4049500243179

As a moist, cooling bandage to relieve pain and itching, in combination with moisturising preparations with a high grease content in the acute phase of atopic eczema; also for use during the chronic phase, as a dry dressing for the occlusion of ointments and creams on sensitive, eczematous skin; as a lining or covering for zinc paste or plaster of Paris bandages; to keep cushioned wound dressings securely in place.

Size table:
Size 1 = red colour-coded; for circumference 8-15 cm of child ' s arm or foot
Size 2 = green colour-coded; for circumference 10-25 cm of arm or child ' s leg
Size 3 = blue colour-coded; for circumference 20-45 cm of arm, calf or child ' s head
Size 4 = yellow colour-codedfor heads and legs, children’s heads and trunks