Our Products

Wound Management

When it comes to the welfare of the people, ideas are needed. Our ideas for the benefit of people have over a 100-year tradition in the treatment of wounds, as well as their implementation in routine medical practice.

In the last decade, research has opened many new perspectives in the treatment of wounds. The usage of modern wound dressings goes far beyond the traditional functions of the cover and/or absorption of wound exudate. With modern products, therapeutic effects can be achieved based on different modes of action. They actively engage in the processes of wound healing and support the natural physiological process. Their high therapeutic benefits, especially in the treatment of poorly healing wounds, are of great importance.

Incontinence Management

About one out of five people over 40 is affected by bladder weakness or incontinence. There are treatments available, but nevertheless lots of people suffer as needed advise is often not given and the adequate remedies are often not known. While using absorbent incontinence products, a lot of quality of life can be given back to people affected. With incontinence products from HARTMANN, nursing staff and patients can be sure that they are using high quality disposable products customized to individual needs. They provide secure leakage protection, protect skin from irritation, ensure a high wearing comfort and are easy to use.

Patient Care

To provide qualified patient care is not only a question of skill and motivation of the caregivers,
but also requires adequate aids. Therefore, HARTMANN offers a comprehensive range of
products for medical patient care which make work easier and more efficient.

Beyond being a mere supplier of products, HARTMANN also wants to transmit specialist
knowledge. Because there are many nursing care methods which have proven to be effective in
hospitals and nursing homes, that are worth being advised for the provision of efficient care for
dependent people in the domestic environment.