HydroClean® plus

The interactive wound pad with the Rinsing-Absorption-Mechanism.  
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HydroClean delivers Ringer’s solution to the wound for up to three days. During this time, interactive and continuous wound irrigation takes place, due to the wound dressing pad also absorbing wound exudate. The SAP used in HydroClean inactivates matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) which impair wound healing. As a result, stagnating healing in chronic wounds can be reactivated.


HydroClean is suitable for wet/moist treatment of wounds, in particular of wounds with impaired healing tendency. The product is especially suitable for the treatment of chronic and poorly healing wounds during the cleansing and granulation stage. HydroClean can also be used for the treatment of infected wounds. HydroClean can furthermore be used to reactivate stagnating healing processes if these are caused by excessive MMP activity.