Peha®-instrument Needle holders

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Peha®-instrument disposable needle holders are made of matt brushed steel, which makes them non-reflective. They are in a practical dispenser always ready for immediate use, guaranteed sterile with a shelf life of five years, and always in a perfect finish.
Peha®-instrument guarantees the same handling and the same treatment result as reusable instruments. So you do not have to dispense with the usual quality of new instruments. On the contrary, whereas reusable instruments have to be reprocessed time and again, Peha®-instrument ensures consistently high product quality at any time, again and again.

Peha®-instrument are marked with Peha® Colour Lock® safety marking. This is the first colour marking especially developed for medical products. The abrasion resistance was confirmed due to various internal processes and the human-toxicological harmlessness is certified by an external partner.

Peha® Colour Lock® safety marking
  • is produced as part of an innovative, automated process within the EU
  • contrary to conventional colour marking, is only applied after cleaning
  • enables a particularly fast and safe distinction from reusable instruments

Peha®-instrument Mayo-Hegar needle holder

Standard single use needle holder made of stainless steel:
Suitable for holding needles in surgical suturing. For use in the ward, outpatient settings and operating room.

sterile and single packed

Product Information 14 cm
Article Number
1 Pack of 25 pieces
1 Box of 2 Packs
Product Information Article Number Content EAN
sterile and single packed
14 cm
Article Number 9910302
1 Pack of 25 pieces 1 Box of 2 Packs 4052199221267 4052199221274


For a sterile single use in the ward, outpatient settings and operating theatre.