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New addition to the family - Atrauman®Silicone

Atrauman has been helping to improve patients' lives in the UK since 1998, providing atraumatic protection both clinicians and patients love and trust. That's why Atrauman is listed on the majority of formularies1and is the most widely used wound contact layer in the UK2.

Atrauman is widely loved because it’s so effective – comforting to know, isn’t it?

Atrauman Family

Atrauman – When you simply need a wound contact layer
Atrauman Ag – When you need reliable antimicrobial action
Atrauman Silicone – When you need an especially gentle touch

Atrauman features


Atraumatic protection

Always there with a comforting touch -Atraumanis the most-loved, non-adherent primary wound contact layer in the UK2.


  • Protection of wound bed and granulation tissue3
  • Provides skin care by keeping the wound edges soft and supple1.3
  • Can be applied to acute and chronic wounds of all types3

*DT February 2018. Atrauman 7.5cm x 10cm, £0.35 per dressing, Urgotul 10cm x 10cm, £3.13

Atrauman® Ag

Antimicrobial protection

Reliable antimicrobial action with a reassuring touch -Atrauman Agis an ideal treatment for patients with infected wounds4.


  • Protection of wound bed and granulation tissue1.5

  • Suitable for the treatment of infected wounds4.5

  • Effective against 99.9% of bacteria4

  • Does not deliver a bolus of silver4

*DT February 2018. Atrauman Ag 10cm x 20cm, £2.49, Urgotul SSD 15cm x 20cm, £8.99

Atrauman® Silicone

Silicone protection

When only the most gentle of touches will do -AtraumanSiliconedoesn’t adhere to the skin or cause pain or trauma when removed6.


  • Protection of fragile tissue and skin6

  • Safe and gentle positioning through initial tack6

  • Minimises pain and trauma on removal1.6

*DT January 2018. Atrauman Silicone 7.5 x 10 cm, £2.25 per dressing. Mepitel 8 x 10 cm, £2.80. Mepitel One 9 x 10 cm, £2.41 per dressing.

For further information on our Atrauman products andtheir product codes,please download our Atrauman Family booklet here. Alternatively, you can email us at with all enquires and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

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