Explore the benefits and uses of Hydrosorb; residue-free moist wound treatment.

Hydrosorb® is a transparent hydrogel dressing made of absorbent polyurethane polymers containing approximately 60% water. When applied to the wound Hydrosorb® supplies the tissue with moisture and at the same time the hydrogel absorbs excess wound exudate and locks it into the gel structure. This ensures moisture balance in the wound and promotes proliferation and migration activities of the epithelial cells at the wound edges.3Sustained absorption and the transparency of the dressing means that Hydrosorb® may stay in situ for longer than other types of dressing, saving material costs.

Hydrosorb® is especially suitable for the treatment of chronic, slow-healing wounds where the granulation process is not progressing satisfactorily and will act as a debriding agent on necrotic tissue.3

Experience from clinical application suggests a rapid and even accelerated re-epithelialisation under Hydrosorb® with good cosmetic results. The gel polymers are not broken down by exudate. This facilitates removal without dressing breakage and saving nurse time and patient discomfort.1

Frequency of Change

Depends on nature of wound but can be left in-situ for up to 7 days.

Contraindications and secondary

Hydrosorb® should not be used on wounds which are clinically infected, on third degree burns or on exuding wounds. Hydrosorb® should not be used on patients with a sensitivity to propelene glycol.


Suitable for:
• all wounds in the granulation and epithelialisation phase with nil to low exudate
• use in debriding