Wound Management

We strive for more effective, cost efficient and less complex treatment solutions

We strive to enable complete wound healing solutions.

This section is designed for healthcare professionals and provides information on our products and services - supporting professionals to deliver effective care.

Celebrating 200 years of HARTMANN Wound Management

HARTMANN Wound Management strives to enable the progression towards complete wound healing that patients deserve, and strengthen the confidence that healthcare professionals need to provide it.

We only measure success by the value our time-tested solutions at each stage of our patients’ wound-healing journey. Our goals are fewer dressing changes, less pain involved in each dressing change and more time for living life.

We serve as a sounding board for specialists and as a support system for healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and global information exchange.

Simply put: patient care is our priority. Healthcare professionals are our partners. Our commitment to go further for health has been consistent for 200 years and this is how we will lead our industry tomorrow.

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