Dignity® Compose® DPU

Popular DPU for heavy incontinence features contoured inner leg cuffs to help prevent leakage.
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  • Soft plus Air refers to our soft, cloth-like elasticized waistband, which is breathable, comfortable and helps keep skin dry.
  • Superabsorbent polymer reduces ammonia formation and neutralizes unpleasant odor.
  • Stretchable elasticized waistband ensures ideal fit, provides front and back identification and tears open for easy removal.
  • The 3-layer absorbent core guides fluids quickly into its center, locking in both urine and odor.
  • Does not have Curly Fiber.
  • Made in the USA.


Disposable Protective Underwear (DPU) pull on and off just like regular underwear, providing convenient protection for ambulatory residents who may not always make it to the bathroom in time.