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The professionalism of healthcare kept me alive

After a brain tumour operation, Daniel gained such a respect for healthcare professionals he decided to join the sector so he could make a difference.

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by  Daniel Martin
I love my job in HR in a healthcare company. I love my wife and two children. And I love Atlético Madrid. I’m not going to tell the order they come in but I am going to tell you why I love my job and what I have learnt about precision.

At the end of 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I can’t tell you what it felt like when the doctor told me because I still don’t know. I remember just sitting, trying to compute it. How do you tell your wife, family, friends, colleagues? I eventually came to the conclusion that my only option was to be positive, not so much for myself but for the people around me.

My only choice – what choice? – was an operation. It took 12 hours and that was the easy bit, as far as I was concerned anyway. It involved removing inter-cranial liquid and when that happens, one of the first things that goes is eyesight. I was blind.

I was in bed for a month. I couldn’t see and I couldn’t walk. My whole body was in pain. I didn’t know pain like that was possible. It is an understatement to say it was a difficult period.

But there was some light. The operation had gone well. My eyesight came back and I gradually learnt to walk again. It took about a year to get back to something like normality. I still have some paralysis in my face, I lost my left ear and sometimes my stability can be… interesting.

I can run now. I like swimming and going to the gym. Contact sports are a no-no because the doctors took a bit of my cranium out; that aside, I do everything I can and I’m always busy teaching my children, aged five and three, the joy of being sporty.

And I have my job. I am an absolutely passionate HR professional. I get to help people every day, to guide them through tough situations. I feel I’m well-placed to provide some good perspective.
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I also love working in the healthcare sector. One of my motivations for joining HARTMANN, which I did once I’d recovered from my operation, was because of my respect for healthcare professionals. My doctors spent 12 straight hours operating on me. There is no doubt they saved my life, though the margins for error were tiny. The concentration and precision required during those 12 hours is mind-boggling; there was absolutely no chance for them to relax. Thinking back to it certainly helps me keep a sense of perspective when I feel tired or stressed. What they do to keep people healthy is amazing.

What we do to help patients is also very important. As well as teaching me about the importance of healthcare – which sounds obvious but it is very stark when you’re in the position I was – I also learnt the impact of the little things when you’re a helpless patient. A needle in the wrong place or plaster that’s hard to take off: these seem trivial to most of us, but they can make the difference between a bearable day and a terrible one.
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Delivering healthcare is about detail, professionalism and passion. My tumour, or more accurately my recovery from it, underlined the importance of those three things for me. These principles are what guide me every day and I wouldn’t still be working for HARTMANN, eight years later, if they didn’t also guide the company. The result is the dedication that goes into making sure the tiniest details are right.

Everything we at HARTMANN do is aimed at making healthcare better for both medical practitioners and patients, from surgical gowns that work perfectly while being unobtrusive, to wound treatments that dramatically reduce healing times and to targeted disinfectants that cut the spread of diseases. Ultimately, it is all about professionalism and precision: anything less is unacceptable.
Human Resources Director at HARTMANN GROUP
Daniel Martin
Daniel works at HARTMANN Spain. He is a passionate Human Resources professional with more than 15 years of experience. He started applying his skills to the healthcare sector seven years ago, convinced that people can make a difference.