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Personal Healthcare

Professional products are being adapted for home use, empowering family healthcare.

From long-term sickness to one-off injuries, the whole family can benefit from in-home technology and professional first aid equipment.

We are going further for families

Diagnostic devices in hospitals have given medical professionals unprecedented information with which to guide their decision making. At HARTMANN we’re adapting that same technology for home use, giving individuals a convenient way of monitoring and understanding their health. Our personal diagnostic devices and first aid products maintain the same quality standards as those used within the healthcare service and all are recommended by professionals for home use. As well as accuracy, we focus on convenience and simplicity, enabling the whole family to take responsibility for their own, or their relatives', health and wellbeing.

We are going further around the world

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HARTMANN has sales divisions in around 20 countries globally, and relationships with distributors in many more. Our current focus is Europe, including Russia, with our strongest markets being Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Germany, France and Belgium.
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We are going further for individuals
Everybody's health needs are different. So we work on offering in-home products that are tailored to the precise needs of our customers. We help customers to understand their health issues so they feel better informed when it comes to making decisions about their wellbeing.

Our process

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of those that use our personal healthcare products and services. We continuously consult consumers and use their insights to guide our thinking.
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Our products are going further for personal healthcare
Our personal healthcare products are a welcome addition to any household, whether they're used to monitor existing conditions, such as blood pressure monitors connected to web applications, fever thermometers that can detect underlying illnesses or first aid products that cater for everyday cuts, burns, abrasions and muscle pains.
{"_b2733d0d-d450-37ec-a7a7-599918ddce83":{"Title":"Cosmos®","Text":"The adhesive plasters which provide a moist environment","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Personal-health-care/HARTMANN-personalhealthcare-product-Cosmos.jpg"},"_088b71b3-4f07-3718-8909-aa6635168eaf":{"Title":"DermaPlast® ","Text":"The adhesive plasters which provide a moist environment","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Personal-health-care/HARTMANN-personalhealthcare-product-DermaPlast.jpg"},"_8018aaac-618a-3804-b4d8-d964bdb0a154":{"Title":"Tensoval® duo control","Text":"The premium blood pressure monitor with the unique Duo Sensor technology, with irregular heartbeat detection and innovative cuff","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Personal-health-care/HARTMANN-personalhealthcare-product-Tensoval.jpg"},"_7735dd55-1924-3e98-abcc-f34f73c396f3":{"Title":"Thermoval®","Text":"Digital infrared fever thermometer with two measurement methods for ear measurement and forehead measurement","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Personal-health-care/HARTMANN-personalhealthcare-product-Thermoval.jpg"},"_7eded721-2ebc-3b77-b4da-14c69bd1f42f":{"Title":"Tiritas®","Text":"The adhesive plasters which provide a moist environment","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Personal-health-care/HARTMANN-personalhealthcare-product-Tiritas.jpg"}}
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... about HARTMANN, our international partners or any of our products or services – or are interested in discussing your professional healthcare needs – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.