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Risk prevention

Reduced preparation time in wards and operating theatres mean fewer mistakes and more treatment and surgeries.

Our Sets (CombiSet and MediSet) simplify treatments and surgeries as well as prep time and reduce time-pressured errors.

We are going further for safety and productivity

Wards and operating theatres are high-pressure environments and time spent in them is both expensive and demanding. At HARTMANN we work with healthcare professionals to improve efficiency by introducing innovative single-use surgical and pre-surgical products that can be used in ORs, treatment rooms and wards. Disposable surgical gloves, clothing and gowns, as well as disposable drapes in wards and surgical environments, significantly reduce cross-contamination while our CombiSets and MediSet increase (productivity). CombiSets for surgeries as well as MediSet for care contain pre-packaged, sterilised instruments, swabs and any necessary dressings or accessories, in the order they will be used, for pre-specified procedures. This minimises prep time and frees up theatre time hence, more operations can be performed with no increase in headcount. Patients benefit from better care and higher availability of surgical and treatment time.

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Christian Sievert – Head of Division, Risk Prevention
"Optimised products and solutions not only reduce complexity for professionals but lead to optimised processes and higher efficiency wherever patients are treated."

We are going further internationally

HARTMANN is the leading provider of single use products and solutions for risk prevention with sales partners in around 40 countries and distribution in a further 36 countries.
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We are going further for healthcare professionals
We have, and always have had, a close relationship with healthcare professionals and this means we are given the opportunity to observe hospital processes in- and outside of the operating theatre, using our findings in our product development.

We watch and listen to the details and, using our experience in risk management, find solutions that will save time, and therefore money, while improving the lives of both patients (more access to surgery and fewer mistakes) and healthcare professionals (higher productivity and greater efficiency).

Our process

Our risk prevention service involves continuous and close collaboration with healthcare professionals so we can offer fully customised support and help to maximum efficiency.
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See how Gasper goes further by thinking differently.
Our products are going further for risk prevention
Our single-use, high quality products and solutions - particularly the CombiSets and MediSet - are predominantly designed for operating theatres although they are also used in wards. Products for every phase of the patient treatment.
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{"_40e7e72a-95d8-e99b-0c39-5cedc4b48b84":{"Title":"CombiSet®","Text":"CombiSet is a sterile pack of single use products arranged for use during a surgical procedure, which can be specially designed to meet the specific requirements of an individual customer.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-CombiSet.jpg"},"_fa1fab94-0e8f-e96f-2297-af12e97fcba8":{"Title":"Foliodrape®","Text":"Foliodrape® single use surgical drapes provide effective draping solutions for all types of surgery and fulfill the requirements of the European Standard EN 13795:2013 at the highest quality level „ high performance, critical area of a product” on the entire surface. ","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Foliodrape.jpg"},"_728c708b-2002-e673-1f46-dc1061d9e453":{"Title":"Foliodress®","Text":"Surgical apparel combining enhanced wearing comfort with highest level of protection.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Foliodress.jpg"},"_85a10772-58ac-e0ef-0052-f63bafaad3f4":{"Title":"MediSet®","Text":"\"MediSet is a sterile pack of single use products arranged for use during a patient care procedure. MediSet helps to optimize care procedures for long-term profitability, highest security easy handling, high flexibility, satisfied patients and users.\"","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-MediSet.jpg"},"_8c4a0d06-6f34-e500-1f44-11b247b8b128":{"Title":"Peha®-instrument","Text":"Hygiene benefits of single use surgical instruments plus the high quality, haptics and handling comparable to reusables.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Peha-instrument.jpg"},"_fb5ef7ce-0f74-e039-344b-7e0f41913655":{"Title":"Peha-soft®","Text":"Uncompromisingly practical. The everyday glove for nurses, medical examinations and for use in the kitchen.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Peha-soft.jpg"},"_e7020024-4420-46f7-bed8-64c9d7fe285c":{"Title":"Peha-taft®","Text":"The standard for precision work. Powder-free surgical glove made of natural rubber latex. ","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Peha-taft.jpg"},"_02aaeeb7-6ae6-e7f9-3184-35fdc17f79aa":{"Title":"Telatrast®","Text":"Telatrast® X-ray detectable surgical absorbents come with additional features which help you improve their handling in the operating room. Our sterile Telatrast products are equipped with check cards to back up counting procedures and packed in double peel packages.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Risk-management/HARTMANN-riskprevention-product-Telatrast.jpg"}}
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