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We are in this together.

We are going further for
wound healing

At HARTMANN Wound Management, healthcare professionals are our partners in making complete wound healing a reality for everyone. Today we address wound-related healthcare challenges with proven, simple and cost effective products and services.

Our wound management treatments are the result of HARTMANN`s 200 year medical experience, ensuring effective and scientifically verified solutions.
In medical practice, easy-to-use solutions are critical for successful wound healing. That is why our expertly designed products are tested to ensure simple handling and usage.
Cost effective
Cost effective
To make complete wound healing accessible for everyone we have designed a range with outstanding and proven value to fit any need.
The human touch is essential for complete wound healing. We are in this together.

We are going further globally

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HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Wound dressings have been at the heart of HARTMANN since the beginning. Quality and reliability are parts of our DNA and our German heritage. Our international research ensures that we keep track of and can respond to future professional needs around the globe.

Going further for 200 years

With 200 years in the business of wound treatment, we’ve clearly defined our purpose. Please find here more about our 200 year history

At HARTMANN Wound Management, we view healthcare professionals as partners. Together we go beyond the product, beyond the standard and beyond the now to make progression of complete wound healing a reality for everyone. 

The business of healthcare is changing. With growing patient needs and numbers, healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to treat patients faster and keep costs low while managing wounds consistently and successfully.





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What if simply asking “Why” could help someone when others had given up?
See how Cindy goes further by asking the right questions.
We are going further for our partners

HARTMANN Wound Management strives to enable the progression towards complete wound healing that patients deserve, and strengthen the confidence that healthcare professionals need to provide it.

We only measure success by the value our time-tested solutions at each stage of our patients’ wound-healing journey. Our goals are fewer dressing changes, less pain involved in each dressing change and more time for living life.

We serve as a sounding board for specialists and as a support system for healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and global information exchange.

Simply put: patient care is our priority. Healthcare professionals are our partners. Our commitment to go further for health has been consistent for 200 years and this is how we will lead our industry tomorrow.

vCard Francois Georgelin
Head of Business Division Wound Management HARTMANN
François Georgelin
"Simple and cost effective solutions are decisive to make the progression of complete wound healing a reality for a majority of patients. Our Zetuvit and HydroTherapy solutions have been designed to be the best answers in this approach."
Adriana Bordeneu PAUL HARTMANN AG
Medical Doctor Global Medical Education Wound Management HARTMANN
Dr. Adriana Bordeanu
“LINK provides high-quality wound care education and global knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals for the benefit of patients with various wounds.”

LINK is dedicated to the continuous education of wound care professionals around the world.

It is HARTMANN Wound Management’s official professional development network, expanding in 93 countries worldwide. LINK aims to provide a platform for Healthcare professionals to learn and exchange knowledge worldwide. It is based on the guiding principle that constant exchange and lifelong learning are integral for the best therapies in Wound Care.

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Since 200 years HARTMANN is working together with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) to find the most effective, simple and convenient wound treatment solution that benefit both HCPs and patient. One of the outcomes of the LINK Network are the HydroClean Glasgow experience and the Zetuvit Plus Multi-centre investigation.

Zetuvit® Plus Multi-centre Investigation

HydroClean® plus The Glasgow Experience

Our wound care products are going further for patients and healthcare professionals
HARTMANN addresses today’s wound-related healthcare challenges with proven, easy-to-use and cost-effective products and services. These range from traditional compresses and bandages, to modern wound care offerings, such as our HydroTherapy range
  • Woundmanagement range hydrotherapy
  • woundmanagement rangename vivano
  • Super absorbant dressings - Zetuvit plus
  • Compression Therapy - Pütter range
  • Peha-haft
  • Hydrofilm
  • Wound Fillers
  • Atrauman
{"_0914fc5b-cd86-0c3c-5587-0ee7acf5ff5f":{"Title":"HydroTherapy","Text":"HydroTherapy is a novel approach to the treatment of chronic wounds as well as wounds with impaired healing. There are only two steps from wound cleansing to wound healing, making HydroTherapy effective and simple.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/HARTMANN-woundmanagement-rangename-hydro-therapy-hydrotac-hydroclean.png"},"_b3ecb0e5-56d1-0cc8-7b29-fd18813ebf73":{"Title":"Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) - Vivano","Text":"The Vivano System for the negative pressure wound therapy.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/HARTMANN-woundmanagement-rangename-vivano.png"},"_3b7f6bfa-785c-03d4-46f8-8e1a09989088":{"Title":"Superabsorbent Wound Dressings- Zetuvit Plus","Text":"Zetuvit Plus is the most used superabsorbent wound dressing in Europe* and especially suitable for the treatment of severely exuding acute or chronic wounds *pharmacy prescription data 2015","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/Zetuvit.png"},"_cc521c03-00f2-0548-59ec-a431c7eba72f":{"Title":"Compression bandages","Text":"Pütter bandages provide a solution for compression therapy, for instance the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. ","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/compression-bandages_PuetterPro2_FS_aufWeiss.png"},"_c5b91677-376a-00a7-46fa-43b82ff9c5f3":{"Title":"Fixation","Text":"Adhesive (Hydrofilm) and non – adhesive (Peha haft) fixation products to retain primary and secondary wound dressings reliably.\n","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/peha-haft.png"},"_b2adecbf-572a-059e-6df5-2c0529d0428e":{"Title":"Sterile adhesive wound dressings","Text":"The Cosmopor and Hydrofilm ranges are designed for the protection of post-operative wounds and also for the sterile treatment of minor injuries or superficial wounds.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/Hydrofilm.png"},"_58ef019c-e301-4fb6-994a-3625faee2237":{"Title":"Wound Fillers","Text":"Indicated for treating deep and fistula wounds, Hydrosorb Gel and Sorbalgon provide a close contact with the wound bed.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/Sorbalgon.png"},"_4b59f5c6-32b8-025e-683a-67f7a93e0d71":{"Title":"Wound Contact Layers","Text":"The Atrauman range prevents adherence of secondary wound dressings to the wound, is permeable to wound exudate and atraumatic to remove.","Image":"/-/media/Hartmann-Corporate/Content/Our-expertise/Wound-management/NEW/New-Product-Images/Atrauman.png"}}
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