Address List

As the name already suggests, you can use the element Address List to show addresses or contact details for several locations. So it is good to display a list of distributors or even to show all the HARTMANN locations.

Adding an Address List to a page

Please find written instructions below the video.

Written instructions for adding an Address List

1. Click "Add a new component" and "Add here".

2. Choose "AddressList" from the list of elements and click "Select".

3. Add an existing Address List or create a new one and assign it a name. The Address List is added to your page. Please note that this element is built up similarly to the Accordion element:

Address List
>Region 1
--->Location a
--->Location b
>Region 2
--->Location c

4. Therefore, please click on the placeholder of the Address List container and then "Add here".

5. Choose "Region", click "Select" and either add an existing Region or create a new one. Click "Ok".

6. Inside of the Region container, you need to add several locations. For that, click on the grey placeholder of the Region container and then "Add here".

7. Choose "Location", click "Select" and either add an existing Region or create a new one. Click "Ok". Repeat that for adding as many locations as you like to that Region.

8. To add further Regions and Locations, please repeat steps 4-7. Do not forget to save in between.

9. Click "Save".

Editing Address Lists

To edit the address list, the region or the location in the Experience Editor, please follow these steps: 

1. Choose the element of the Address List that you would like to edit (Uuse the blue boxes for guidance when you go over the items.)

2. Click on the symbol "Edit the item fields“. 

Fields to edit in the Location element

3. An overlay pops where you can edit the available fields for the different elements:

  • Address List: Title, Subtitle and Text
  • Region: Title
  • Location: Link (e.g. to homepage of that location), Location Name, Address, Phone, Email

4. Click "Ok" and "Save".

Visit our Showroom to get some inspiration how to set up your Address List!