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What is the difference between a web page and a news page? How do I create a news page or find an existing one in the system? Please read the article to get more information on that.

What is the difference between web pages and article pages?

Article information

Unlike web pages, news pages can be attached to categories and you can add an author as well as a publishing date. They should include rather dynamic content on certain topics (e.g. medical knowledge, company news, etc.) that is updated regularly. Additionally, articles can be shared directly on social media via the sharing options on top of the page.

Adding a new article page

Steps fro creating article page
Steps for creating a new article page

Content Editor

Article pages are always added to a so-called “Newsroom” folder. Please follow the steps below for adding a new article page:

  1. Richt click on the Newsroom folder
  2. Choose “NewsPage”
  3. Assign a name to your page

Your page has now been created. Before you start with the layout in the Experience Editor, please put in the necessary page information (incl. meta data, page title, etc.) in the Content Editor. For general information about that, please follow the link below.

Page information for article pages

Content Fields
Article information in the Content Editor

Content Editor

The content fields of article pages in the Content Editor are very similar to other web pages except the following additional information:

  • Author: Type in the author of the article. The field is not mandatory, if nothing is added, it will not be displayed online.
  • Categories: These categories are created in the Content Editor under sitecore / content / divisions. You can assign one or more categories to an article. If  you assign e.g. the category "Wound Management", the article will be displayed under Medical Knowledge-Wound Management on the website.
  • Date: Choose a date for your article (you can choose whatever date you like, also in the past or future). You can undisplay the date on the article itself by checking the box "Hide date". This has no impact on the publication date of the article.
Editing the layout of article pages

Just like on other web pages in Sitecore, the layout of article pages is edited using the Experience Editor.

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)

Searching for a specific article

Newsroom folder in the Content Editor
Newsroom folder in the Content Editor

As we have a lot of articles stored in Sitecore, we are using a so-called Newsroom folder which is named "Articles" in the Content Editor. In that folder, the article pages are stored in "buckets" (please see the picture below). According to the first two characters of the item ID, the articles are stored automatically in the right bucket when created.

Info: If you do not see the buckets when opening the articles folder, please go to "View" in the main menu of the Content Editor and activate the checkbox "Buckets". When re-opening the newsroom folder, you should now see the buckets.

Due to the above-mentioned bucket structure, it can be hard to find an article in the Content Editor. Below, there are two ways described how you can find it quite easily:

If you know the link of the article, the buckets are included in that URL, e.g. Knowing this, you can just open the newsroom folder with the marked buckets to get to the article.

If you do not know the link of the article, you can use the search function of the newsroom folder (please see the picture below). For that, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the newsroom folder. The folder information will open on the right side in the Content Editor window.
  2. Use the search field to type in keywords of the article title or apply filters.
  3. All articles that match your search criteria will be shown.
Search functions newsroom folders
Search functionalities newsroom folder in the Content Editor