Uploading versioned media items

This article explains the importance of uploading media items versioned and also provides instructions on how it is done.

Why is it important to upload media items versioned?

If you upload a media item (picture with text in sepcific language or documents) normally, they will exist as a version in all languages. Due to that e.g. a Belgian document could be found on the German website which leads to a bad user experience.

There, please always remember to upload media items versioned so that they only appear in the relevant languages.

Please see the videos below for instuctions.


Uploading a new file

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to add a media item versioned (also covered in the video):

  1. Open the Media Library
  2. Click on the folder where the media should be uploaded
  3. Choose "Upload files advanced"
  4. Choose the files
  5. Tick "Make media items versionable"
  6. Upload the files

Add a new language version to an existing file

If a file already exists in one language and you have the same for another language, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Media Library
  2. Open the folder where the file exists
  3. Click on the file
  4. Create a new language version
  5. Click "Attach"
  6. Choose the file that is in that current language
  7. Upload
  8. Save