vCards & Contacts

vCards vs. Contacts

If you are wondering where the difference between a vCard and a contact is, the following information should make things clearer:

vCard: A "folder"that you add to your page in the Experience Editor where you can link several contacts to be shown on your page.

Contact: A contact that you create for one person which can include the e-mail, telephone number, position, descriptive text, etc. The contacts are stored centrally under the "Contact Pool" in the Content Editor where they are also edited. You can find it following this path: Sitecore / Content / Contact Pool. Similar to web pages, you can create language versions for the contacts, e.g. if the HR responsible is different for every country.

Below it is explained how to add / edit both the vCard and the contact.

Adding a vCard

1. Choose a page where the vCard should be added and go to the Experience Editor.

2. Click on "Add a new component" and then "Add here". An overlay with a list of the available elements pops up.

3. Choose vCard and click "Select".

4. Either choose an existing vCard from the Content Editor or add a new one and assign a name to it. Click "Ok".

5. The vCard is now being added to your page. Please see the chapter below on how to edit it.

Editing a vCard

Please follow these stepsto edit an existing vCard in the Experience Editor:

1. Select the page on which you like to edit the VCard.
2. Lock the page in the toolbar on the tab "Home“. Click on the symbol "Lock“.
3. Click on the symbol "Edit the item fields.“
4. An overlay pops up. To edit the text click on “Show editor“ above the text.
5. To insert the contact details go to "Contacts". First select the person in the field "All" on the left. Then click on the right arrow to move the person to the field "Selected" on the right side. 

To deselect a contact detail, select the person in the field "Selected" on the right. Then click on the left arrow to move the person back to the field "All" on the left side.

Select / deselect a contact from the contact pool
7. Confirm your changes with “OK”.
8. Finally confirm your changes with the button “Save changes”on the top left position in the toolbar.
9. Unlock and release the page to publish as described in the chapters "Unlocking of content within the Experience Editor" and "Publishing".

Adding a new Contact

1. Go to Sitecore / Content / Contact Pool in the Content Editor. Choose the language in which you want to add that contact.

2. Click with your right mouse on "Contact Pool" and then "Insert".

3. Choose "Contact" from the list and assign a name. The new contact is now created in the "Contact Pool" folder.

4. Please see the chapter below to learn how to edit a contact.

Editing a Contact

1. Go to Sitecore / Content / Contact Pool in the Content Editor.

2. Click on "Contact Pool". A list will appear with all created contacts.

3. Click on the contact to edit. On the right, the information for that element that can be edited will be shown.

4. Choose the language which you would like to edit for that contact. 

5. Click "Lock and edit" to enable editing.

6. Change the following information (the fields that are not filled, will not appear live):

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Image: Please upload the image as .png to the Media Library first. It should have been cut to be a round image with the dimensions 362 x 362 pixels.
  • Description: Could be a description of the person's CV or of the responsibilities.
  • E-Mail
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Contact Link: E.g. of the LinkedIn profile
  • Contact Label: The text to be shown instead of the contact link.

7. Save your changes and then click on "Publish" and then on "Approve" (to publish) or on "Check in" (to save changes and enable editing to other users).