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January Release 2019

This month, features like a social media newsfeed and background colors for anchor navigations were enabled.

from Alina Eifel 15.01.2019

Social Media Newsfeed

From now, you can add a social media newsfeed to your page. For that, you can use the provider and create an account there directly.
We have chosen this provider, because it allows you to add several channels and / or hashtags to the feed which makes it perfect for promoting e.g. a campaign.
For further information and pricing, please go to the official website.

Please follow the link below to find a detailed description on how to implement the feed:

Adding a Background Color to the Anchor Navigation

With this release, you can adapt the background color of the anchor navigation to the background color of your page.

For the background colors, you can only choose between pre-set colors. However, if you need an additional color, please contact CEO-CDO.

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