Sitecore Releases

Sitecore Release March 2019

With this release, the URL structure for articles changes. Additionally a DermaPlast theme has been created as well as the "Hide in Breadcrumb" function.

from Alina Eifel 11.03.2019

URL Change for Article Pages

Until now, all articles were stored in Sitecore according to the date of their creation (year/month/day). However, if a user has changed the date, the dates (and therefore also the URLs) were changed for all language versions.

To assure constant URLs for the articles, the clustering in Sitecore was changed and articles will be stored according to their IDs. The date will not be part of the URL anymore.
Here is an example:
will change to

How to ensure that all links to the current articles still work? Automatic redirects have been created. There is no action from your side required.

New DermaPlast Theme

From now on, there is also a theme available that was created for the Dermaplast® pages. It includes another headline color and font style.

The new theme is named “DermaPlast” while the current theme for DermaPlast ACTIVE is now renamed to “DermaPlast-ACTIVE”.

“Hide in Breadcrump” Function

With the new release it is possible to hide a specific page from the breadcrumb navigation if needed. That way, it is put separate from the function “Hide in Navigation” where the page would disappear from all navigations.

Bug Fixes

  • Products / articles could not be found via the website search function