Key figures

The HARTMANN GROUP, an internationally leading medical device company.

HARTMANN at a glance

We have offices in over 30 countries around the world, but our products are available in around 100 countries through a network of distributors.

HARTMANN is a leading international manufacturer of medical and hygiene products.

In a world where health is becoming an increasingly important matter and is managed more professionally, we offer our customers simple and effective solutions for the benefit of the patients. This is expressed in our brand promise of “Going further for health”. Professional solutions for wound treatment, incontinence hygiene and infection prevention form the core of our portfolio.

In 2016, we employed 10,372 staff worldwide and generated sales of EUR 1,986 million.

The HARTMANN solutions

Our focus is on products and services for professional users in hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and homecare services. In addition, we also offer OTC products for end consumers sold through pharmacies and medical supply stores.

Our Wound Management solutions comprises traditional and modern wound dressings; bandages for compression therapy, and immobilisation; specifically designed treatment sets for a broad range of medical applications; and the Vivano negative-pressure wound therapy system. These product lines are rounded out by First Aid kits and diagnostic products such as clinical thermometers and blood pressure monitors.

Share of total sales by business segment

in EUR million and percent

Sales by Business Segment

In the Incontinence Management segment, the focus is on absorbent products worn close to the body, such as briefs, pads and pants, as well as products for use as additional bed protection, such as underpads. This segment also includes disposable products for patient care, such as wash gloves and bibs, and medical skincare products for stressed skin. We go even further by offering integrated solutions for old people’s and nursing homes with services ranging from logistics to controlling.

Through Infection Management we offer a range of disposable operating theater drapes, clothing, surgical absorbents and disposable surgical instruments. We go further through the HARTMANN delivery service (HLS) and individually designed custom procedure trays – all designed to create efficiency in hospitals. Disinfectants and cleaning agents as well as examination gloves round out our range of products and services for comprehensive infection prophylaxis.

Other Group Activities comprises our activities in cosmetic cotton-wool products, first aid, Kneipp product lines and retail business.

Share of total sales by region

in EUR million and percent

Sales by Region

Shares of regions in total sales of the HARTMANN GROUP (in million euros and as a percentage; discrepancies due to rounding not adjusted).

We are present in over 30 countries with our own sales and manufacturing organisations, but our solutions are available in around 100 countries through a network of distributors. You can find our offices in a number of countries throughout Europe, but we are also present in America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

In Germany, the HARTMANN GROUP includes, among others, the companies BODE Chemie/Hamburg, Karl Otto Braun/Wolfstein, Sanimed/Ibbenbüren and Kneipp/Würzburg.

Performance indicators

With growth of 2.3% compared to the prior year, the HARTMANN GROUP achieved sales of EUR 1,986.5 million. EBIT improved by 4.9% to EUR 139.1 million. The Group's earnings after taxes amounted to EUR 90.1 million, which is 6.3% higher than in the prior year.

in EUR thousand 2015 2016 Year-on-year
in %
Sales revenues   1,941,004  1,986,450
Of which outside Germany in % 66.1 65.8 -0.5
Consolidated net income  84,778  90,100 6.3
Net return on sales in %  4.4 4.5 3.8
Cost of materials  869,469  868,065 -0.2
Personnel expense 483,999 510,422 5.5
EBIT DA  198,978  210,818 6.0
Return on EBIT DA in %  10.3  10.6 3.0
depreciation/amortization on
tangible and intangible assets
 66,757  71,717 7.4
EBIT  132,661 139,101 4.9
Return on EBIT in %  6.6  7.0
Cash-Flow  168,152  157,357 -6.4
Free-Cash-Flow  63,685 91,603
Balance Sheet    
Balance Sheet total 1,278,619 1,329,339 4.0
Non-current assets 510,121 514,486
Investments in tangible and
intangible assets 2
 74,475 69,203
Current assets 768,498 814,853 6.0
Equity capital and reserves   759,098 816,208 7.5
Equity/asset ratio in %  59.4 61.4 3.4
Return on equity in %  11.2 11.0
Net Financial Status  44,609 101,955
Employees as at Dec. 31 1) 10,346  10,372 0.3

1) Excl. staff on parental leave and PAUL HARTMANN AG Management Board members

2) Excluding investments from acquisitions like goodwill