DermaPlast® EFFECT

Hydrocolloid wound dressing for effective wound treatment.
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The hydrocolloid plasters are based on the action mechanism of moist wound healing, providing and maintaining an optimal hydration to the exposed damaged tissue. The plasters are waterproof and form a bacterial barrier. Easy to apply and immediate pain and pressure relief.

DermaPlast® EFFECT Blister Plasters

Transparent hydrocolloid plasters, like a second skin.Promote healing.
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Mali, za prste
55x19 mm
Šifra 5357111
1 pakiranje of 8 komada 1 pakiranje of 10 pakiranja 4049500273503 4049500462747
Veliki, za pete
60x35 mm
Šifra 5357011
1 pakiranje of 6 plasters 1 pakiranje of 10 pakiranja 4049500273497 4049500462730

DermaPlast® EFFECT Corn Plasters

Transparent hydrocolloid plaster, relieves pressure and pain.Softens horny skin and thereby eases corn removal, without acid.
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Za kurije oči
40x17 mm
Šifra 5357211
1 pakiranje of 9 komada 1 pakiranje of 10 pakiranja 4049500273510 4049500462754

Wash hands and ensure that the affected area is clean, dry and oil free before applying the plaster. Apply the plaster to the affected skin area. Gently mould the plaster edges to ensure optimum adhesion.