The hydrophilic foam dressing coated with a hydrogel net
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A foam dressing which is coated with a net-like hydrogel layer on the side facing towards the wound and a gas permeable, waterproof and bacteria-resistant outer layer made of polyurethane; the absorbent foam material quickly absorbs wound exudate without drying out the wound; in relatively dry wounds the hydrogel releases moisture and promotes the formation and maintainance of a moist wound environment, whereby the granulation and epithelisation are promoted; the wound dressing is soft and conformable, provides a good cushioning effect and can be removed almost painlessly; also available with an adhesive border.

HydroTac® comfort

HydroTac comfort has an adhesive border all around, which is coated with hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive and holds the dressing securely in place.
Informacije o proizvodu Šifra Sadržaj EAN
Pojedinačno pakiranje, sterilan
8x8 cm (IM 3.5x3.5 cm)
Šifra 6858101
1 pakiranje of 10 pieces 1 pakiranje of 6 pakiranja 4049500736374 4049500736398
12.5x12.5 cm (IM 7.5x7.5 cm)
Šifra 6858151
1 pakiranje of 10 pieces 1 pakiranje of 6 pakiranja 4049500736527 4049500736541
15x15 cm (IM 10x10 cm)
Šifra 6858171
1 pakiranje of 3 pieces 1 pakiranje of 12 pakiranja 4049500736589 4049500736602
15x20 cm (IM 9x14 cm)
Šifra 6858211
1 pakiranje of 10 pieces 1 pakiranje of 6 pakiranja 4049500736701 4049500736725

For the treatment of lightly to medium exuding wounds, during the granulation and epithelization phases, e.g. for leg ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome, decubital ulcer; for the treatment of burns up to degree 2a and skin graft donor sites after adequate bleeding control.