The classic of alcohol-based hand disinfection. Successful for over 50 years. The favorite of millions of users around the world thanks to its reliable antimicrobial activity and special skin friendliness.
  • Продукты
  • Применение
  • Мультимедиа
  • comprehensively active against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses
  • particularly kind to skin and lipid replenishing
  •  increases skin hydration with regular use1)
  • excellent skin tolerability even with long-term use
  • possesses an excellent immediate effect

Sterillium® / Стериллиум

Информация о продукте Номер артикула Содержание EAN
Флакон, 100 мл
Номер артикула 9810771
1 Штука из 100 мл 1 Коробка из 45 Штук 4031678050505 4031678053919
Флакон, 500 мл
Номер артикула 9810781
1 Штука из 500 мл 1 Коробка из 20 Штук 4031678050536 4031678050543
Флакон, 50 мл
Номер артикула 9812241
1 Штука из 50 мл 1 Коробка из 42 Штук 4031678057016 4031678057115

Sterillium is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. Sterillium is used as ready-to-use alcohol-based rub-in product – independently of water and wash-basin – to prevent infection in all areas of health care and industry where hygiene is important as well as in home dialysis and when travelling.
Sterillium is a pioneer in the field of alcohol-based surgical hand disinfection. The product provides an excellent immediate effect and a reliable long-lasting antimicrobial activity up to six hours. Sterillium not only feels great on the hands, but also increases skin hydration the skin with regular use.

1)Reece, B. RCTS (2014): Evaluating the Effect of a Hand Sanitizer Using an Exaggerated Handwash Method