Peha-soft® nitrile powderfree sterile

The sterile, latex-free examination and protective glove made of synthetic nitrile material
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Latex-free sterile disposable examination gloves and personal protective equipment made of soft, blue-coloured nitrile rubber, powder-free; with an chlorinated inner surface for easy donning; texturing of the finger area ensures optimum grip; highly elastic and especially tear-resistant; excellent fit and high tactile sensitivity; packed in pairs.

Peha-soft® nitrile powderfree sterile

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Hard-wearing medical glove for single use in all areas where staff are at particular risk of contamination; especially suitable for persons prone to latex allergies or who experience hypersensitivity reactions to glove powder.

The sterile presentation is especially for use at dressing changes, catheterizations and intubations etc.

Suitable for use as medical device according to EN 455 and as personal protective equipment according to EN 374 category III - in laboratories, handling chemicals and disinfectants.